Welcome to ScaffoldPlusOnline,

Our experience and knowledge gained from many years servicing the Scaffolding and Building & Construction Industry have highlighted several needs that we have decided to meet.

We understand your time is a limited resource and must be used to maximum advantage. We understand that an increasing amount of operators want to work outside normal business hours to get quotes and estimates in. So we have developed our Online website service that enables you to view and place your request for a scaffold quote at your convenience. This saves an enormous amount of time and enables you to work outside normal business hours and expedite your quote. And it enables you to get the job done when it is on your mind regardless of the hour.

We also understand that ordering the right amount of scaffold components and doing a correct take-off from plans is a skilful and time consuming task.

So we have combined the above requirements enabling you to email your quantities or your building plans for a quick response enabling you to get on with the job.

ScaffoldPlusOnline enables you 24/7 access to view and consider your scaffolding needs and enables you to place immediate requests to get your quote.

Your time is your most valuable commodity, and we endeavour to provide our best service to allow you to maximise your efficiency.

We look forward to hearing from you and promise our best possible service.

Kind regards

Bob Wissink

Managing Director.