5 Must-Have Gear to Take When You Go Boating

Leaving dry-land does not mean you should also leave safety behind. You have to ensure safety so that your boating experience will come out as exciting and fun as you expected it to be. But, your boating day will never be as great as it should be if you lack any of the following essentials:


Topping the list of our must-have boating gears is the lifejacket. The number of life-jackets must at least be according to the maximum passenger capacity of the boat.  It is wise to have extra life jackets for any extra passengers that you have on board. Lifejackets may come in different types. You may opt for the economical Type II PDF vest which you can easily put around your neck and secure it with straps in front. You can also have the three-buckle vest which is more comfortable and an ideal option if you’re into water sports. Whatever it is that you choose make sure it suits the kind of boat you have and the boating activity that you plan to indulge in.


Throwables are usually a legal requirement for boating enthusiasts. They also often come in two types such as the cushion and the ring. A lot of large ships use the throwable ring and one reason for this is that their looks may serve as ship decoration as well. But, the throwable cushion is the most common and popularly used type of throwables. The throwable cushion often comes in square shapes with 2 straps. Its core is made of foam making them useful as a seat cushion too.

Fire Extinguisher

This is a must-have for boats that run on an engine. Fire extinguishers may vary in sizes which you can choose from depending also on the size of your boat. Make sure to ask a sailing and boating gear shop in Melbourne for the extinguisher type that suits your requirements. Although there are boats that already have fire extinguishing system located just within the engine compartments. But, depending on the state or country where you plan to go boating, you may still be required to purchase another hand-held fire extinguisher.


You need to have an air-horn especially if your boat does not possess a built-in horn. But, some of these built-in horns are not loud enough which is why many boat owners still prefer to purchase a separate air-horn. This is to ensure you won’t have a hard time calling the attention of other people or boaters during emergency situations. When buying an air-horn, opt for the one which allows you to be heard from at least a mile away.

First Aid Kit

This is another life-saving must-have when you’re boating or sailing. A first aid-kit will prove to be your lifesaver especially when you happen to be sailing to remote areas where medical assistance can’t be obtained so easily. It will make patching up minor wounds a lot easier. Besides, you won’t be obliged to end your day right away just because of a minor cut. With your first-aid kit handy, minor cuts and bruises can’t ruin your day.

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