Healthy Hobbies to Cultivate Mental Health

When the world become too enamoured with comparison and competition and being first and being the best, it produced the brightest inventors and the most creative innovators in the world. The system created large corporations and other-worldly discoveries but sadly the negative consequence is that those who fell below the standard and those who are clinging so hard just to fit in are suffering, their mental state is suffering.

As a remedy for that almost everyone is clamouring for ways and hacks to keep a sound mind, here are a few basic activities that you can adopt in your routine that could save your sanity and give you a healthy mental state.


Exercise does wonder not only to your body but also to your brain. The release of certain hormones during exercise routines creates a reward loop circuit in your brain that makes you feel great physically and mentally after doing it. Exercise could also be a means of catharsis especially for people with high levels of aggression or frustration, thus it makes them calmer and more rational.

Extreme sports

Although many people consider it as an extreme sport, and yes it actually is, skateboarding actually keeps people with intense hunger for adventure and adrenaline calmer and keeps other intense impulses at bay. By being able to do these extra extreme hobbies it creates a feeling of ease and calm when they have done it. Longboard skateboard hobbyists also reported the same effect after a long downhill ride. It makes them more focused in their professional work and keeps them grounded on their feelings.


Painting is the soul’s portal to escape the body that is according to a certain artist. What he said is basically true to the essence that in painting one finds the expression that they cannot give in terms of articulating their own feelings. Therefore, with these types of people, by being able to paint and create is tantamount to their ability to express their feelings and emotions openly and without being judged and condemned.


Writing on the other hand is almost the opposite of painting. Yes, they belong to the same category, art. But writing elicits a different effect on the person. Writing as a skill that can be developed creates an enormous effect on a person in terms of their grammar and how they articulate their own feelings.

Thus, by writing poems or simply in diaries a person can pour his heart out in the most artistic yet focused and specific way. They will be able to put more details in their feelings and experiences that becomes their power to move forward in the world they live in.


Although it a lost art since schools and the academia has tagged it as one of their vilest and most evil nemesis in the war for the focus of the student, day dreaming actually keeps one sane by simple giving a person the ability and the chance to escape their own reality for a bit and recuperate strength and will to face the reality, and this is done without the use of other substances but the mind only.

In our quest for a sound mental health, we somehow forget the simple and basic things in life that could help us attain that balanced and calm metal state amidst this noisy and chaotic world we live in.

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