Kick Off Your Mundane Shoes

Wake up. Get through traffic. Sit for 9 hours. Sit again in traffic. Get home. Repeat. It is without our knowledge that most of our week involves us being in one position. Being seated all day not only weighs on your body but also on your brain.

However, when the time finally comes to go outdoors and exercise those wound up muscles the excuses are endless. If you dislike working out alone or simply lack the motivation to, here are 4 reasons to kick off those office shoes and consider joining a team sport for long term benefits.


This is the main reason to do any sort of work out. Sedentary positions tighten muscles and sitting in the same position cause all sorts of aches and pains. You can own the best soccer ball or a new pair of Air Jordan, but without any place to use it, what is the purpose of it?

The perks of joining a team sport are that you are forced to exercise. Joining a basketball or soccer team are some of the common options. Instead of working out alone, a team sports requires participation. Once motivated with the competition we automatically put in the extra effort to score a goal resulting in a successful cardio work out.

Recreational Activity

On a regular day all our tasks and conversations revolve around work. We need to have wholesome conversations surrounding our interests, hobbies and topics of interest. When a part of a team or simply another group of people who share similar traits, this becomes a natural stress reliever, as we are comfortable and relaxed.

This builds new friendships and team building that is vital for our day-to-day lives. The thought of knowing you have a rugby or volleyball match after work can be an instant mood fixer, motivating you to finish off your work tasks faster and more efficiently.

New Inspiration

Playing a team sport will mean you are introduced to other people from different walks of life. The exercise not only benefits your body but also your brain. Through this team you are inspired to get better at the sport itself or come up with new ideas for your work and hobbies. A change in place and scenery is crucial for the brain to develop and exercise plays a huge role in it.

Builds Discipline

As adults we give priority to what we define as important. Unlike when working out alone the freedom to do it as we please increase the chance of it not happening at all. However, when you are a part of a team, showing up and participating is important.

Whether it means waking up an extra hour early or trading a night out preparing for a game the next day, a team sport inculcates a sense of responsibility and discipline.

Therefore, the benefits of joining a team and playing a sport along with your day job offer the best combination to the phrase work hard -play hard.

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