Sports That Make Use of Nets

Playing sports has a lot of advantages to your health. It can help in improving blood circulation, lowering blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, hampering osteoporosis, helps you lose weight, tones your muscles and a lot more. There are different types of sports that you can try. There is archery, baseball, bowling, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, golf, etc. But if you want to know the list of sports that make use of nets, read on.


Badminton is a court game that uses a shuttlecock and racket. It was in 1873 when badminton was first ever played. The objective of Badminton is to score 21 points to win a set. You need to smash the shuttlecock over the net and have it land in the assigned area. The standard size of a badminton net is 1.55 meters high at the edges, and 1.524 meters in the center. You can play in singles or doubles competition. If you want to become a badminton player, you need to know how it is played, the rules, what kind of gear and equipment you need, and the likes. And do not forget to practice every day. You may enroll in badminton classes if you want to join competitions locally or internationally.


Volleyball originated in 1895 by YMCA or Young Men’s Christian Association physical director, William G, Morgan. The objective of the Volleyball game is to slam the ball with an arm, fist or hand over the net into rival’s half of the court. If it touches the floor and there is no violation committed, your team will receive a point. The size of a volleyball net is usually 32 feet long and 39 inches tall. Just like badminton and any other sports, you need to know the rules for you to succeed in this sport.


Football is considered one of the oldest sports in the whole world, and because of that, it is the most acknowledge sport, too. There are 11 players in each team. For you to win a football game, you need to win more goals than your competitor in 1.5 hours. If you want to have a football game in your area, you need to have the right equipment like goal netting. Get one that can stand the test of time.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis or Ping Pong which originated in England is a sport played by two or four players. They use a small racket to smash the ball back and forth. The net divides the court, and when the opponent failed to hit back the ball, you will get a score.  The standard size of table tennis or ping pong net is 6 feet long and 6 inches in the upper edge along the whole length. You can have a table tennis court in your home, office and other public places.

Playing sports with or without the use of the net is an exceptional activity to do because it is beneficial to your overall health and well-being.

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