A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Good Foot Care

Humans feet are mega important – show them some respect. Walking on different surface varieties is one of the powerful ways to regain foot health. Since most people are either misinformed or uninformed, they fail to maintain the health of their feet. Foot problems can have a negative impact on many aspects of health and well being. While foot problems can occur in all age groups, their prevalence also increases with age. Some foot problems can lead to more serious issues if unattended. Foot pain can cause people to wear loose footwear, which can contribute to falls. Therefore maintaining a good foot health has a range of benefits on general health and well being. Foot care can prevent social isolation and mobility problem as well. It helps in reducing pain. It increases social contact and participation in leisure and cultural activities as well. It also reduces risk of trips and falls.

Orthotics provides all day relief of foot, low back pain or knee from being on your feet. Since each person’s feet and body movements are unique, and moving around being on the go constantly – it’s hard on your feet, so this is quiet helpful and fulfill your needs. It includes devices such as shoe inserts, ankle braces or foot pads, and can be material such as a plastic or a piece of rubber or any other material. It provides support and comfort to keep you moving freely. It enhances postural stability and provides immediate relief all day. It keeps pain inducing shock and stress from travelling up the body. It is used to support, align, prevent or correct the function of movable parts of the body.

Proper foot care can also be provided by SPORTS podiatrist. These podiatrists are helpful to diagnose and heal foot injuries or foot illness, disorders of the foot and even perform surgeries. They recommend ways to ensure that the risk of injury is reduced in the future and offer practical advice on suitable footwear and exercises to condition the feet and ankles. These podiatrists provide treatment for ankle sprains, ankle impingements, lower back pain, knee concerns, toe pain etc. When these issues occur ignoring them can be incredibly detrimental. So it becomes important to start the treatment and achieve recovery soon. These podiatrists can check a previous injury and can possibly prevent a new injury from occurring or reinjuring the old one.

Show your feet some love and they will show it back. Knowing the various impact of poor foot health, it is very important for any individual to recognize the importance of maintaining good foot health and hygiene. Since there exist deficiencies in knowledge and practices regarding foot care so many essential steps must be taken to spread this information.

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