What to Know About Robotic Knee Surgery

The field of orthopaedic surgery has seen leaps and bounds due to advanced medical technology. And one such innovative approach used in this field is robotic knee surgery. This uses complex robotics in order to achieve better patient outcomes.

You can find many orthopaedic surgeons that specialise in this such as Dr. Matt Barnes knee surgeon. In robotic knee surgery, the orthopaedic surgeon is assisted by a robotic system which has real-time imaging capabilities. This uses complex software to help the surgeon tailor the surgical plan according to the needs of the patient. The unique anatomy of the patient will be taken into consideration in this procedure along with their specific knee condition. This allows the orthopaedic surgeon to achieve a high level of accuracy and precision in their surgical plan compared to traditional manual techniques. This ensures more precise placement of the implant with accurate alignment. The surgeon will be provided with real-time feedback during the procedure when it comes to robotic knee surgery. And having live data at their fingertips allows them to visualise the joint better from different angles. This will help the orthopaedic surgeon visualise the anatomy of the patient in a comprehensive manner.

The movements of the surgeon will be guided by this robotic system.

So if the previously planned surgical approach is subjected to deviation, the orthopaedic surgeon will be alerted. The real time feedback provided by the robotic system allows the surgeon to carry out precise minute adjustments. This will ensure accurate placement of the knee implant. proper placement is very important for the success of a knee replacement surgery. It should fit properly within the knee joint of the patient. And even a small deviation from the perfect placement can cause discomfort to the patient and limit their movement. It can also lead to the knee being unstable. This is why robotic knee surgery is a popular technique as executing the placement of the implant is made easier; this system assists the surgeon to align the implant with the anatomy of the patient which allows for better function and stability. It will contribute to better long term outcomes as well.

There are slight variations

In patient anatomy which can make it hard to maintain proper ligament alignment. But with real-time feedback provide by the robotic system, the orthopaedic surgeon is able to accurately adjust the ligament tension contributing to a stable knee joint. This is what ensures smooth movement of the joint and it will also reduce wear on the knee implant. Robotic knee surgery can reduce the risk of complications and surgical errors. The chances for misplacing the implant or making an error in alignment are very small and this can lead to improved knee function in the patients. The recovery stage can also be made quicker with robotic knee surgery. This is because of the precision of this system and its minimally invasive nature. With high precision, you can reduce trauma to the tissues surrounding the knee joint which further adds to a fast recovery process.

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